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Can clear aligners work with Dental Implants?

What does clear aligners have to do with dental implants? How do they work together? Are there any benefits to

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Aligners for Teens & Kids

Are clear aligners suitable for teens & kids? The answer is, totally yes. As long as their teeth have developed

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Clear Aligners and Veneers

Veneers are restorations added to the front surface of your teeth that can alter their shape and appearance. Clear Aligners

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Can I straighten my teeth at any age?

Clear aligners in recent years have been revolutionizing how people can go about transforming their smiles. Gone are the days

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How long does it take to straighten your teeth with clear aligners?

It is a common conception that orthodontic treatment takes a long time. At the very least a year in fact.

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What to expect when you straighten your teeth?

Disappointment. You might want to expect that first. Bear in mind that not everyone is suitable for clear aligners. There

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The Best Clear Aligner Hacks

Clear aligners offer convenience and an increased level of comfort for your orthodontic treatment. Even so, these hacks will definitely

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Are You A Candidate for Wearing Clear Aligners? 

Have you been contemplating if you should undergo orthodontic treatment in order to achieve that straight smile but unsure of

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