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Need a better way to straighten your teeth? One that is less painful, more comfortable and convenient to everyone.


Even in this midst of this pandemic, we got your ideal smile covered! Sanitation and hygiene are both our top priorities, so worry not! So, let us begin working on your new smile under the mask!


Aesthetically pleasing

It's a transparent replica of your teeth, so wearing it seems like you are wearing nothing!

7 Wonders of clear aligners



You can still maintain your usual food-binging because unlike braces, you are supposed to remove it when you eat!



Imagine having metal wires in your mouth, causing ulcers just to straighten your teeth? Now, imagine straightening your teeth without the pain.



The ease of maintaining your oral hygiene remains because you can just remove the clear aligners and brush your teeth!



It’s more affordable than traditional braces and other clear aligner brands!


Less clinical visits

Dental visits are scheduled only as required. On top of that, your progress is monitored remotely!



You can take it off whenever and wherever, just make sure you follow the duration prescribed.

Myths busted

1. Invisible aligners are more expensive than braces

Most clear aligners providers are your affordable choice if you have mild to moderate teeth concerns. As most basic braces will cost you SGD 3000 and up, it's better to keep your option open to other alternatives!

2. There is no need for aftercare treatment after completing your treatment

Your teeth tend to move back to its original place! You need a retainer to prevent them from moving away from your ideal smile! Rest-assured because the retainer is only worn at night!

3. Retainers only need to be worn for 2 years

Following treatment with braces/clear aligners, a retainer should be worn for life.

4. Your teeth stop moving once you reach a certain age

The human body goes through many physiological developments in its lifetime. The same is true for your jaw, which goes through various stages of shape with each bodily transition. The point is: shifting jaw shapes can cause teeth to move throughout your lifetime.

5. Since you don’t wear your clear aligners during meals, there is no need to clean them.

A big NO! Hygiene, hygiene and hygiene! Dry saliva and plaque that builds up creates the perfect home for bacteria, causing foul smell. Maintain proper hygiene with *these few tips!*


One Time Payment

AUD 2,250

Up front payment of AUD 2,250
3 Months installment payment

AUD 766/month

Interest free payment
AUD 766 per month for 3 months
One Time Payment

SGD 2,250

Up front payment of SGD 2,250
3 Months installment payment

SGD 766/month

Interest free payment
SGD 766 per month for 3 months
One Time Payment

RM 5550

Up front payment of RM 5550
3 Months installment payment

RM 1900/month

Interest free payment
RM 1900 per month for 3 months

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