Dr Clear Aligners


Can I straighten my teeth at any age?


Clear aligners in recent years have been revolutionizing how people can go about transforming their smiles. Gone are the days where you would have to endure “brace face” and all the comments which come along with having braces. There will always be that one person during a dinner party or in your life that goes “EH, you put braces?”


The advisable age range for suitability with clear aligners starts from 18 and goes all the way up to 59 years old. If you happen to fall between the specified age, it is a high possibility that you are suited to use clear aligners as your form of orthodontic treatment. And if you don’t? Don’t be discouraged, it does not mean you are not suitable.

Think of the age as a data point in a list of parameters that determines your suitability for clear aligners. Perhaps the most important parameter is the patient’s oral health. If you are 70 and still have healthy gums and teeth, there’s definitely a possibility of you using clear aligners to straighten out your teeth. Nothing is too late.


So why wait any longer? If you fall between the age range and would like to straighten your teeth, check with us. If you aren’t between the ages of 18 – 59, contact us all the same and we can advise you based on your condition.