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The Best Clear Aligner Hacks

The Best Clear Aligner Hacks

Clear aligners offer convenience and an increased level of comfort for your orthodontic treatment. Even so, these hacks will definitely be helpful during your treatment process. 

Changing to a new set in the night 

Once you’ve started your treatment, you’ll be no stranger to the tightness and minor pain your aligners would cause you when changing into a new set. By changing them in the night, you would essentially be asleep when the most pain you’ll feel usually occurs making it that much easier and bearable in the morning. 

Clean the aligners while eating

Yes, we know, it is one more thing to carry around. Your container helps to keep your aligners clean and safe. So many times, customers wrap their aligners in napkins when they are out eating. Only to lose their aligners to waiters clearing the table. Having to replace the aligners not only costs you money but it would also deter your progress.

Use nail file
There are times where the edges of your aligners may irritate your gums or you may find it a tad too sharp. Making use of a nail file can help to dull the edges and provide you with greater comfort. 

Clean the aligners while eating
In order to keep in line with your treatment schedule, you would have to be wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours a day. A nifty trick to ensure no time is lost is by cleaning the aligners during your meal. Simply soak your aligners in a solution (using our cleaning tablets and water) and when you’re done with your meal, rinse and pop it back in. Saves your time and effort.

Removal tool
One of the least pleasant parts of clear aligner treatment is the removal process. To ease the process, use the removal tool provided. With it’s sharp edge, it hooks onto your aligners easily and provides leverage to remove them easily. Plus, you don’t have to stick your fingers into your mouth and look nasty while doing it.

Keep old trays

You must be thinking, why should i keep trays that i am done with?
Well other than for nostalgia sake, it may come in handy. In case you find yourself in a situation where you lost your current set of aligners, you may pop back your old set to prevent your teeth from shifting back into its original positions while waiting on your replacement set. Then once your replacement set is done, you may just continue onto your treatment without regressing. 

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