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Things to Consider When Getting Clear Aligners

Deciding to start an orthodontic treatment is stressful enough as it is. With traditional braces, it is even more of

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What is Snap-On-Veneers?

Have you been rejected for an orthodontic treatment? Yet you still want that beautiful dazzling smile. Or you’re not ready

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Wisdom Teeth: To go or not to go

A common misconception when it comes to wisdom teeth is that they have to be removed. We have all seen

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Oral Health Care Pyramid – How to take care of your Oral Health

In recent years,  researchers have discovered a connection between declining oral health and underlying systemic conditions. It turns out that

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So you’ve received your Aligners. You unpack it and inside you find the Aligners, Aligner Removal Tool (that has a

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How to care for your Retainers?

There are many similarities in caring for your retainers just as how you would care for your aligners. Let us

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How to care for your Aligners?

Caring for your aligners means more than simply cleaning them even though it is crucial throughout your treatment. Failure in

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A guide on How to Wear & Remove Aligners

WEARING Step 1: Determine which set of aligners are to be worn When you receive your package in the mail,

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