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3 Month
Interest-Free Installment 

$916.67/mth over 3 months

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$2750 One Time Payment

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What’s included with price

Intraoral Scans

Come down to our location and we will conduct an intraoral scan of your teeth!

Clear Aligner Treatment

Our orthodontics team will design your custom made Clear Aligners. A 3D Preview of your ideal smile will be shown to you. If you are happy with it, we will then deliver the Clear Aligners right to your doorstep

Your Ideal Smile

All that’s left to do is Smile and Shine! We provide retainers as well so you can preserve your ideal smile. Be ready to show the world your new Smile 🙂 

Frequently Asked Questions on Pricing

How much do Dr Clear Aligners cost?

At $2750, Our Clear Aligners treatment are the most affordable on the market. Not only saving money on your Clear Aligners but, you are also saving money from the dentist and orthodontist appointments you would have had to pay for. We also offer a variety of in-house installment plans to better fit your situation and budget.

Reach out to any one of our Smile Consultants for more information!

How much do retainers cost?

Retainers are at $380. During this period, we are giving it out FREE! Contact any of our Smile Consultants on how to get your FREE retainers. 

Get your Dr Clear Aligner Bundle.

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