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So you’ve received your Aligners. You unpack it and inside you find the Aligners, Aligner Removal Tool (that has a hooked edge), and this sponge-like circular cylindrical-shaped object. What is that? The object in question is called a Chewie

What does it do you may ask? 

A chewie is a chewing device that you chew with your aligners on to eliminate the air space between your clear aligners and the teeth. It provides a uniform pressure when chewed upon to seat your aligners properly with minimal effort.

How do I go about using Chewies?

Firstly, your aligners should be worn and fitted over your teeth. Once you have done so, place the chewie between your teeth and bite down on it. You could bite down on the chewie longways or shortways whichever is suitable for you. Just don’t swallow it!

Ensure you bite and hold for at least 5 seconds before moving onto the next position. Start from the back end of your mouth to the other. Repeat back and forth a few times to ensure all your teeth have bitten down on the Chewie. 

Repeat the process for an approximate 5-10 mins in order for your aligners to be well-seated against your teeth. Do it at least TWICE a day (Morning & Night). A well-seated aligner would be more effective in the alignment of your teeth. 

Should you feel if there are areas or tooth that aren’t fitting to the trays as well compared to others, do additional chewie exercises (biting on the chewies) on those specific areas to help with the fitting. Take note to use your chewies each time you change to a new set of aligners so as to achieve the best possible teeth alignment. 

How to Care for your Chewie

Chewies can be washed with mild soap and water. After using your chewies, give them a wash and leave them in an airy area to dry. Do not keep them in containers with no ventilation. You’ll be able to use your chewies until they lose their elasticity.

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