Dr Clear Aligners


What to expect when you straighten your teeth?


Disappointment. You might want to expect that first. Bear in mind that not everyone is suitable for clear aligners. There are many ways to go about when you want to straighten your teeth. With clear aligners, they are less cumbersome when compared to other orthodontic treatments but don’t get your hopes up before checking for your eligibility. 

Next up, discomfort. That would be the thing at the back of people’s minds when they are interested in straightening their teeth. Regardless of whether it is traditional braces or clear aligners, there would be a degree of discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment. After all, your teeth are being shifted into a new position and tenderness is to be expected. With traditional braces, the brackets and metal wires may cause abrasions against the insides of your mouth and cheeks. However, this discomfort is greatly reduced with clear aligners.



The aligners would be issued to you in batches so you won’t have to worry about falling behind on your treatment schedule. No need to worry about waiting around for your next set of aligners when they’re packed nicely into your package for your convenience.

There’s also a chance you would see improvement in your oral hygiene. Each time before you wear your aligners after you’ve enjoyed your food, you are advised to rinse your mouth thoroughly (preferably with mouthwash – check with us for our in-house minty fresh convenient portable sachets) or if you’re hardworking; floss. This would boost or at the very least maintain your oral health and keep you fresh. 

Possibly the most important thing to expect out of them all is the new dazzling smile you’re about to show off at the end of your treatment. In fact, your cheeks might hurt from all the smiling you’re going to do. Here at Dr Clear Aligners, our goal is to help you achieve that smile you’ve always wanted and for you to smile bright. Your smile brings a smile to us. 

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