Dr Clear Aligners


Things to Consider When Getting Clear Aligners



1) 佩戴资格

You’re all pumped up and excited to get clear aligners because finally there is a way to get straighter teeth without the whole world knowing and without ripping your wallets apart. That’s great and we are excited for you too but before diving in, you would need to have your suitability to be assessed. Clear aligners are only suitable for mild to moderate cases hence, you’ll have to contact us to check on your eligibility. 

2) 佩戴时长 

In order to achieve your brand new smile, some commitment on your part would be necessary. The bulk of it being the amount of time you spend wearing the aligners. Clear aligners are meant to be worn for 20-22 hours each day hence you’ll have to get used to having something in your mouth. That being said, it still offers more comfort than traditional braces. 

3) 饮食

As mentioned above, your aligners are to be worn for 20 – 22 hours a day minimum. The rest of the hours which you aren’t wearing them are for mealtimes. It may seem like a hassle initially but you’ll soon get the hang of wearing and removing them that it would be like second nature to you. Not to worry, you can still drink water with them, just not hot water. 

4) 口腔卫生与健康


5) 牙科治疗

6) 矫正期间

Wearing the clear aligners may take some getting used to. Initially you may develop a lisp or sound weird when speaking. Not to worry as these are normal occurrences and they’ll be gone before you know it. During your treatment, you may also feel as if your bite is different.. It is perfectly normal as your teeth are shifting into their new positions. 

7) 牙齿矫正保持器

The most common question is whether retainers must be worn. YES THEY MUST. In order to prevent your teeth from shifting again, retainers are used to keep them in their new positions. Prevention is better than cure. You wouldn’t want to go through orthodontic treatment again would you?